Branding and diffusion elements for Cel·AV|vídeo a Konvent,
in collaboration with Sheila Moreno and Antonio Clavijo.
Cel·AV|vídeo a Konvent is a video art festival organized by Antonio Clavijo, Sheila Moreno and myself at Konvent, with an open mind in relation to audiovisual creation; An author show based on different ways of seeing and options to come along art.
Cel·AV’s branding revolves around the concept of video. To create the entire imaginary, photos are taken directly on the screen of a television where a series of actions are live recorded, the movement of which is the protagonist. Thus, the pixels of the screen become evident, creating textures and effects that give personality to the images and reminding the analog beginnings of video art.
Cel·AV is intended to be an itinerant festival; For this reason, logo is divided into two parts: the Cel·AV one, which is static, and vídeo a Konvent which change depending on the location of the festival.