Communication strategy, visual identity and website for Emergents.0,
an artistic diffusion project of which I was co-director and curator.
Emergents.0 gives support to little-known artists or creators who aren’t part of the commercial circuit, by granting an exhibition space distant from the classical concept, since the works and performances are displayed in shops and streets in the village of Cal Rosal (Barcelona).
In collaboration with Irene Serrano and Iris Martínez, we redefined the brand by helping write a short manifiesto that gathers the characteristics, goals and philosophy of the organisation; We also decided to change the name “Emergents” to “Emergents.0” to reflect the relationship with Konvent.0 but also to give the project a one-of-a-kind name that could be easily found in Internet browsers and different from other artistic proposals.
We built a new communication strategy adapted to the project needs, its economic resources and the target towards they address.
And, finally, we created a new visual identity that had to be attractive and coherent with Emergents.0’s speech without radically breaking with the style they had used in previous years. We thought the best was to do a restyling from some of the original elements and to mix them with a new logotype and corporate typography. We also set some style guides to let the organization create campaigns or images for social media in an autonomous way.
Visual identity
As a core idea for the identity we worked with the concept “opposite coexist”, as the exhibition gathers young and elderly people, it joins the commercial and exhibition spaces, it brings together people unconnected to the art world with experts, etc.
Following this concept, we created a logotype that mixes two typographies, a typewriter one, that symbolizes what’s classical and relates to the logo from Konvent.0, and a sans serif font that means modernity and represents the new artist generations.
The main color is magenta, a tone that was already used in other editions of the exhibition and that was kept because its big personality. Finally, for future campaigns we proposed the use of a saturated, brilliant, fresh and with an absurd and a bit shameless touch to transmit the young and alternative spirit from Emergents.0.