Layout and cover design of Intervalo: entre geografias e cinemas (vol. I & II),
two free downloadable books edited and distributed for free by Geography Department from Universidade do Minho (UMDGEO).
This books are about the encounter between geography(ies) and cinema(s), focusing on the idea of interval as a space where other possibilities of reviving geography appear.
As a downloadable PDF book, the design is intended to be printed at home. Thus, pages are understood as single ones and the format is A4.
However, it also has been taken into consideration that these books can be viewed digitally, so that the PDF is interactive.
The design of the books are directly related to the issue that is about in both volumes (geography, cinema, interval); For this reason, and thinking about making a fresher and risky layout, margins are based on the different types of film width (8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm) and white space plays an important role in the layout design.
You can download the books here